Finora Plus

Sunscreen cream
a unique and innovative approach which is composed only of herbs

Global innovation with care creams which are composed only of herbs and plants

Our prime aim of creating finora plus products is a scientific approach to structuring them with exclusive ingredients, innovative formulas with an entirely herbal composition.


The global innovation and uniquely designed products finora plus, based primarily and entirely on pure herb oils of hippophaes, apricot kernels and grapes, with their rich contents of vitamins A, B, C, E, have a natural flavor. To ensure its high quality only plant/vegetable preservatives are used.

By doing this we are able to create effective, sophisticated and excellent tolerability compositions which are designed for all skin types.

Sunscreen cream in a package of 50ml providing SPF 30 and SPF 50 protection

Containing absolute pure herbal ingredients, combined with inorganic waterproof filters which provide just as much protection against the harmful UVA (ultraviolet radiation that causes skin cancer) and UVB rays (infrared radiation that causes skin burns), and at the same time provides cosmetic skin care, protects against photo aging and moisturizes the skin, contributing to a youthful appearance.

more info about related vitamins omega acids and their benefits to the body, you may read our apricot Kernel oil, sea backthorn oil and grape kernel oil pages, as these products are the main ingredients of our sunscreen cream.

έλαιο ιπποφαές σε φιάλη και κάψουλες


λάδι βερίκοκο σε μπουκάλι και καψούλες

herbal sunscreen cream
Innovation and leadership

Way of use: Place a small amount of product on your palm and then spread evenly on your skin. Repeat, if necessary, after swimming.

Oil of Apricot Kernel in bottle and capsules   Oil of Hippophaes (Sea Backthorn) in bottles and capsules Hydrating natural facial cream
Oil of Appricot kernel
in bottle and capsules.

Oil of Hippophaes (Sea Backthorn)
in bottles and capsules.

Hydrating facial cream,
exclusively from natural ingredients